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We launch new web! With a more modern, responsive design and with improvements in the software of the content manager.

With the announcement ( by cms creators) of the end of the development of the software version that used this web,I had to completely redesign the web and transfer all the content to the new system, this has brought notable improvements, such as Adaptive design, but there have also been some features that could not be implemented due to incompatibility between platforms.

At the user level the biggest changes are:

Now the download of the photosets is done from the user account of the web, the download links will no longer be sent to the e-mail for the new photosets (from 272, but they are sent for the previous ones). This is due which has had to implement a new system of downloads, keeping the previous one for the system to work. IF YOU RECEIVE AN E-MAIL WITH INCOMPLETE DOWNLOAD LINKS. CHECK YOUR WEBSITE ACCOUNT TO DOWNLOAD THE PHOTOSETS. There they will all be.