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PHOTOSET 115 | White adidas nylon shorts and white blouse

	White adidas nylon shorts and white blouse

193 PHOTOS + 6:42" VIDEO

in this special wetlook photoset:

The model takes a shower  wearing white  nylon shorts with purple stripes  and white blouse. clothes that becomes semi-transparent when wet.
See her in the 193 high resolution photos and in the Full HD video with a resolution of 1920x1080px with a duration of 6:42 minutes!

In the video you can see the entire sequence of photo session, This video was taking with a fixed camera, and you can see how we made the photo session.

Clothes used in this photoset:
a very rare white adidas "super A" nylon shorts with purple stripes and a white blouse.
 Size: 57 MB   Format: ZIP
Full HD video  Size: 248 MB   Format: MP4

Price: 4€
SKU: photoset115


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